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Olive Garden

5526 Philadelphia St, Chino, CA 91710

Chino, Ca. 91709

Visit: 2/21/2015 Saturday

It had been a while since we had been to the Olive Garden. We had a gift card and so we figured let’s go.

I called ahead to see if they take reservations. There’s nothing worse when dinning out and having to wait a half hour or more. Kids do get antsy, but with autistic kids it’s even worse.

They didn’t take a reservation, but they did take our name down for call ahead seating. We arrived within a half hour and though people were waiting we were seated right away.

We sat down and looked over the menu I finally decided on a meal called Stuffed Chicken Marsala (The picture it showed, looked really yummy. Yes I’m a visual person). My hubby had lasagna and the boys shared a cheese pizza kid’s meal.

The salad and the breadsticks came, that was a meal by itself. Our waitress, whose name was Autumn, was very nice. (Personally I think she was overwhelmed.) I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt here. I’m not sure what it was or if she had too many tables to attend. She came around now and then but our glasses always seemed to be emptied. When we were in need of something we seemed to be waiting a while.


Our meals took a little more time than usual.  I overheard our waitress and other waitresses apologizing to their dinning guest about how they were sorry their meals were taking so long.

We finally received our meals. My husband got the lasagna, he enjoyed it. His comment, “It was good. It wasn’t the best I ever had, but overall it was good.”


My son got the pizza and ate a few pieces, of course his favorite were the fries and ketchup that came with it.


My meal didn’t look like anything like the picture. Once I started eating it I kept picking out the outer layer of the chicken. It was a little bit more charcoal than I like it. I wouldn’t say burned, just more charcoal.  I scraped off the top layer. It was like I was eating a fish with bones. I kept picking stuff out of my mouth. Yuck!



I finally got a container to go and take it home. What was I thinking, it went right into the trash.

We also had a coupon for a free dessert. We ordered the Zeppoli.  It either comes with chocolate sauce or the raspberry sauce. We were fortunate and they gave us both. Oh my goodness!!! They were nice, fresh, toasty and warm. It was a nice compliment to the meal that I hardly ate.



It will probably be awhile before I return to Olive Garden. I guess it will be on the next gift card we get for there.

Overall, everyone was friendly and things were fine (except for that chicken meal I ordered). It just took to long for the food and my boys were getting antsy.

What has your experience been at Olive Garden?

What’s your favorite dish? Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing.



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2 comments on “Olive Garden
  1. Michelle says:

    There is usually a line for the Reynoldsburg (OH) Olive Garden. Calling in to put your name in is definitely best. As a family of 4, you are usually seated immediately when you get there. Know your local Olive Garden and its seating before doing that with a large group. Only 1 section available for 10+ seating at this one. Waited for a LONG TIME since the party there decided to just sit and talk. Make sure there is ample space for big parties. The food was good…not great. But the servers are always very friendly.

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