Afters Ice cream

 Afters Ice Cream

13925 Shoppes Dr
Chino Hills, CA 91709



It’s was Valentine’s Day so what to do with two little ones?

We decided to take our kids out to the local shopping area, where there is a small train they can ride.

Ok. I have to admit I was being a little selfish here. Sure I wanted my guys to have fun, but there is this new ice-cream place that just opened up a bit ago and I’ve been dying to try it.


It’ called After’s ice cream.  I had never heard of them before. They also have a store in Fountain Valley. The one we visited on this day was located in The Shoppes in Chino Hills.

Upon entering the place it was very clean and inviting. The music was turned up way to loud though. I’m sure it was to get the vibe of upbeat. Though it was loud enough where we couldn’t hear another person speaking unless our voices went up a notch or we got super close to the person.

We were helped by two very friendly employees. (Darn it, I didn’t catch their names). I guess I was too busy trying to talk over the music, handle my two little autistic guys (because they were feeding off the music) and trying to taste a few flavors. They were some awesome flavors to choose from. Check out their website for the different flavors they offer.

We settled on cookie butter.” Now what?” We asked, being our first time. They said, “Now you pick a glazed or not glazed milky bun. We will put the ice-cream in the middle and seal it for you.” Of course we said glazed. Next question, “Do you want a topping?” We didn’t want to pay any extra since we already were paying extra for a topping for my son’s ice-cream in a cup, so we passed. Though at the moment I had no idea it came with it at no extra charge. I would have said chocolate chips or something to get the full effect of this milky glazed ice cream filled bun.



My husband and I shared our After’s creamy, yummy delightful ice-cream. Yes, the amount of sweetness and sugar could have put a diabetic through the roof. It was really good and now I’m regretting I didn’t know that it came with a topping, I just may have to go back.

(Maybe I was told about the topping included, but as I stated the music was turned up a notch to high.)

They also have where you can just buy yourself an ice cream cone or have it in a cup. Though Ironic we got our oldest a scoop of vanilla with one topping and were charged .50. My littlest guy loves, I mean loves ice cream cones. He got a scoop of Vanilla too.  They are just like there mom, when I was younger all I liked was vanilla.  (Maybe that’s just most kids though huh?)


I’m sure I’ll be back to try another flavor with “a topping” now that I know how it all works.

1) Pick your Ice cream

2) Choose the filling

3) seal the bun

4) eat it

I’m thinking maybe I’ll just go by myself one day, after a massage (that’s two doors down or so) and this way (please don’t tell) I won’t have to share with the hubby ;)

If you have are ever tried After’s ice cream I would love to hear your thoughts on the place, employee’s and/or ice cream. Thank you in advance for you thoughts/opinions.


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8 comments on “Afters Ice cream
  1. Deanna says:

    Mmm now I want to try it!

  2. Diane says:

    I haven’t tried Afters Ice cream, but due to your post I will be getting there real soon. Thanks for the review!

  3. This looks yummy! I may have to keep this place in mind when I’m in Chino Hills.

  4. Elaine says:

    yum! Been wanting to try now I have to go

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