Starbucks January Tumbler

How can it be almost the end of January? Where does the time go? Wasn’t it just yesterday we were singing Christmas carols and enjoying all the holiday festivities?

I hate to see January ending, not only because I would like time to slow down, but because my Starbucks promotional free coffee tumbler will come to an end. (sad face)


If you were one of the ones that purchased or got as a gift the Starbucks January tumbler you know exactly what I’m talking about. No more free coffee  after January is over.

It was back in December Starbucks offered “A double-walled tumbler made with recycled materials that gets you one grande brewed coffee every day for January 2015 “  The cost was $30.00.

Now this may seem like a lot for a tumbler, but if you go to Starbucks daily or almost daily you will come out ahead,  (one may think).  Do the math. There’s 31 days in January, a grande coffee cost 2.10, that equals to 65.10 for coffee for the month. Though you have spent 30.00 on a tumbler, your savings is 35.10.

How I look at it though. The average tumbler is usually around 15.00 so I feel I just spent an extra 15.00 for the coffee. My total savings if I went everyday would have been 50.10. I didn’t go every day, I probably missed 4 days.

On the other hand was it really a savings? Starbucks knows not everyone will go in for their free coffee daily or just go in for free coffee. Some of their breakfast sandwiches and Danishes are quiet yummy .  Nothing like a drive thru and breakfast on the go when in a hurry.

Some mornings I had a breakfast sandwich with my “free” coffee. Other days, like today I tried hard not to order anything except my coffee to go. I believe the barsta’s all know me by now. After almost 31 days I would think so. Regardless if I just have my coffee or order something with it, they always have a smile on their face and are so pleasant.  I say the same thing when ordering in the drive thru. “I have my January tumbler please could I have a blonde roast (my favorite) and 2 sugars and nonfat milk.  I have heard you can add in vanilla, caramel or whatever else no charge but I never did verify that nor order it that way.

Now Starbucks is offering their sweet treat receipt too to get you to come back. Present your morning receipt after 2pm and get a Danish item for 1.00.

Starbucks you are one smart cookie, your promotional tumblers for January are an awesome idea. After all said done, I’m not sure if I really saved money, but my mind thinks so and I’ll leave it at that. I’m looking forward to December so I can purchase the 2016 tumbler and do it all over again.

 Is it after 2pm yet? I have to go get my chocolate chip cookie for a dollar.

Were you one of the ones that got a January tumbler? Leave me a comment on your thoughts.

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