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We all (well most of us) use facebook.  We all use it for different reasons. I use it to share with family and friends about my life and share pictures. I also enjoy recipes and unique items.

It was a few weeks ago and I was scrolling down my facebook page and came across this necklace. (In the picture blow)  It was one of those things where you say, “I want that!”  I have to admit I say that a lot. Though I don’t act on it.



This one item caught my eye though and I fell in love with it.  It’s from http://lifeincolor.storenvy.com/  (Bullet Jewelry)

The uniqueness of it was something I really liked. Then when I read only one available, you could only imagine my excitement.

I had been looking at life in color jewelry for a while now, I never could decide which piece I liked more. Then this piece came up, my search had ended.

There was many things that I really liked about this necklace besides the uniqueness. I loved the color of the stone, (Though I could have changed the stone to any color).  It was made from a bullet (which has meaning for me) and wrapped with pedals around it (I love flowers). It was just so different and pretty I couldn’t resist.

I asked if it was still available and it was. I paid for it that day and it was shipped out right away, and I received it with a few days.

I was thrilled from one day I was looking at the picture of this beautiful necklace, to a few days later to wearing it.

Thank you Life in Color, because of you I have a unique, lovely piece of jewelry that I’m thrilled to ware. I appreciate also, the quick response to my messages.

If you enjoy jewelry, unique hand crafted item, Please check out their site. I’m sure there is something on there that you will say, I want that. Tell them JAC sent you!

~ Note: I was not compensated in any way for this review.

Life in Color (Bullet Jewelry)


facebook.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-in-Color/627400244024132

About Life in Color

In this economy we need to get the most out of everything. That’s what this is about, we all have habits; mine and my boyfriends just happens to be a little costly. In order to justify what we’re spending on ammunition, we are recycling bullet casings and re-using them to make jewelry! Our goal is to be fashionable and affordable :)


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