Golden Nails

I splurged a little today and decided to give myself some me time. I went to Golden nails in Chino Hills. The friendliest nail place I know of.  I’ve been to some where I have felt so awkward and so out of place that I never went back.
This place is calming and the two ladies that did my nails and toes were professional and kind. They treated me more than a J.A.C.  (Just a customer). They never pushed any of their services on me. Most importantly they just let me relax. I closed my eyes and just got lost in the moment. It was so quiet, voices were low and just peaceful. They didn’t try and rush me out the door, they let me sit there as long as I wanted in the massage chair. (Since no one was waiting).
The lady who did my nails is named Tracy. She’s excellent! If you ever try this place, please make an appointment or just ask for her. Very nice. Sue who did my toes, was also fantastic. Some places I’ve gone to I wonder sometimes, did I just get a pedicure? (It went by so quick and fast). Sue took her time and really made it relaxing.  A big thank you goes out to these two ladies.
I don’t regret a moment of blowing off laundry and having me time.  It was a wonderful experience and I’m so glad I went there.
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  1. I love having a me place where I am treated well.

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