Walgreens –  3320 Chino Hills Parkway, Chino Hills, CA 91709

I had some errands to do this morning, my first stop was Walgreens. The moment I walked in I felt like I was being watched as if I was going to rob the store.  Could it of been what I was wearing, or maybe it was my two autistic kids that sent off the vibe. Whatever it was, it wasn’t the most welcoming greeting.

I’m just here to pick up a few things I wanted to say. Having kids in toe we always have to look at the toys. My son decided to use his Christmas money for a Minecraft toy.

After picking up several things on clearance, hence after Christmas sale, I made it to the register. My boy was really excited about his new toy he was about to purchase. He’s a little chatter box and asked the cashier, “Do you know what Minecraft is” Her reply, “No, and I don’t care.” Oh Wow, I wanted to say something but having my kids there I withheld it.

Are you kidding me who says that to an 8 year old boy or any kid!! I don’t care if you are an elderly person, young person, middle aged, whatever. YOU NEVER BREAK A KIDS SPIRIT!  What he found exciting and wanted to share, you brushed it off by telling him you don’t care!! Who does that!!??

I think the cashier (Dorothy) realized I was upset, but then again maybe not, maybe she didn’t care. I just wanted to leave as fast as I could. She asked my other boy his age. I mentioned how old he was. She said she had a great grandson that age and said he likes trains. I smiled and said, “He likes trains too.” Though deep down inside I really wanted to say. “Really that’s nice, but I don’t care”

My thoughts were if you have kids, grandkids and great grandkids why would you even tell a child who is excited over something, that you don’t care when he wanted to share his excitement?

My boy got over the comment after asking me why that was said, but his mommy hasn’t.

This reminds me of that saying, “If a toddler hands you their toy phone you answer it.”



If you don’t care about something or someone, keep comments to one’s self. Remember we are J.A.C  in YOUR Store


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