Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box  912 N Azusa Ave  Covina, CA 91722

Going to Jack in the Box was not on my list of things to do today. But I was headed out to Covina and I couldn’t do McDonalds again (My kids favorite).

I placed my order and the cashier was super nice (I kept trying to read her name but couldn’t make it out) She was awesome!

The other girl handed me my order “Here you go” I asked “Everything in the bag?” “Yes” she replied. As I drove off, you can guess something was missing, my curly fries!

As I was annoyed, as I should be, I drove thru the drive thru again. I have two kids in the car and really didn’t feel like dragging them into the restaurant to get my curly fries.

Just my luck there were four cars ahead of me. As I sat there and thought, here I am in the drive thru again, waiting on my fries as the rest of my order is getting cold.

I got my fires and the girls were friendly and apologetic and no questions asked but I was still a little frustrated.

Customer service was right on the money, checking the order before it went out was not.



I know I may just be J.A.C (just a customer) but at least try and get the order right.



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