Oh Starbucks – Thank you for the smile.

Oh Starbucks – Thank you for the smile this morning /  3210 Chino Ave. Chino Hills,  Ca



Its Christmas Eve day and I had to venture out into the mass of crowds today to exchange a gift I bought. Afterwards I thought I would treat myself to Starbucks. So, I drive across town to my favorite Drive thru Starbucks. Of course they are a little busy but that’s to be expected. I get to the window and the girl (I didn’t catch her name nor did I see a name on her apron) was nice but they made my drink wrong. I simply said make another one. With that comment you could tell the annoyance that swept over her. Though with a smile she proceeded to charge me and continue on with the transaction.

I say annoyance because after that moment the smile got bigger, the voice a little higher and the attitude was just a little sweeter. You know how that goes, we all have been there. Have a nice day, Merry Christmas and you stop right there. I wanted to say, “Honey, you didn’t have to stop on my account. You could have finished what you really wanted to say to me.”  I’m sure it was said after I drove away.

You made my drink wrong, big deal. I wasn’t rude, I was nice about it. But I was genuine about it. I have to say thank you for that extra sweet smile and attention. You had me laughing as I drove away, because I know all too well what was behind that fake, Have a great day and  big smile.

I’m still laughing as I’m writing this and thinking about it.   As I wished you a good day too, I meant it.

You’re still my favorite Starbucks and  thanks for putting me in a good mood!


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One comment on “Oh Starbucks – Thank you for the smile.
  1. whit says:

    Ahh well at least she did fake it cause i can’t say that for a lot of other places cause most of the time others will be ride and snarky making it seem like its your fault. :-P

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