Burger King Covina

Burger King

Fast Food Restaurant and Burger Joint

1681 West San Bernardino Road (at Vincent Ave.), Covina, CA 91722



It’s been a while since I’ve been out. I’ve been running around with kids and their functions at school and all holiday trimmings.

I was out today and decided to drive thru Burger King. I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of Burger King, but for some reason I really felt like having an original chicken sandwich.  I placed my order and the girl asked if I wanted two chicken sandwiches they were on sale 2 for 5 or one was 4 something. Well that was a no brainer, so I said the two. I got to the window and the girl was really nice. Her name was Patty. She said, hi, and even said thank you, have a good day and even Merry Christmas! Wow, that was a surprise.  It put me in the holiday spirit, which I wasn’t really feeling it with the craziness around of getting things done

Thank you burger king for the service I received today. I sure do appreciate the great customer service.

Sometimes I Don’t feel like J.A.C. (just a customer) at places and today was one of those places.

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