Starbucks you have brought my faith back

Starbucks you have brought my faith back. Just when I was about to give up on you I went to another location of yours to get my coffee , 3210 Chino Ave, Chino Hills, CA 91709.zzzzzzzzzzzzz103

On Friday 12/6/2014 I have to say I was really impressed. The name on the apron was Roshan. He smiled, and he was friendly. I was in such shock of the overwhelming kindness this guy showed, I drove away in a good mood. Honestly I couldn’t tell you if he even said thank you (I’m sure he did since that’s one of my biggest pet peeves) Roshan was an excellent example of customer service and had the most genuine smile. Thank you for the great coffee and service on this day.


Monday 12/8/2014 I thought I would try this Starbucks again, or was it a fluke of kindness that I encountered the other day. Wow, the same service. This time the name on the apron said Daniel. Where have you been hiding these employees Starbucks, you need to clone them for your other stores. Daniel had the biggest smile, and the warmest greeting.  He, like Roshan, made me feel like they wanted my business and appreciated that I was a customer. Though after all said and done, Daniel hands me my drink and says, “Here you go, enjoy the rest of your day”. What, no thank you? Ok I’ll let it slide this ONE time since everything else was awesome and I was thrilled to be at a Starbucks that seemed to really care and I felt like I was more than just J.A.C. (Just a customer.)


I will go out of my way to go to this Starbucks if this service and kindness continues. It makes the day so much brighter, especially since my morning was a rough one Monday. With greetings like these I almost can forget that I’m paying over 5.00 for my morning coffee. Which I don’t mind really with the awesome service this Starbucks has portrayed.


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3 comments on “Starbucks you have brought my faith back
  1. whit says:

    Yesss!!! See told you..i always have a good experience at the chino ave location :-) wahoo!!

  2. May says:

    It’s really a matter of training, employees not feeling like j.a.e. (just an employee ;) ) and whether they’ve had their “Starbucks” (whatever makes them smile) that day. The strongest ones will always make you feel like more than j.a.c. no matter how their own day has been.

    • J.A.C. says:

      True and I agree, however regardless they are hired in as a customer service position. I hope you aren’t saying they have to be made to feel like more than an employee to give decent customer service?

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