Vons Chino Hills

Vons (Chino Hills)

I’ve been to Vons twice this week and if I could give an outstanding achievement award. I would. Maybe I should do 5 star ratings. Though 5 starts still wouldn’t be enough to describe the friendliness of this store.

Monday morning I went in and was checked by the manager himself (Ron). If all his employees are as nice and courteous as him. I’ll be back. He was kind, and most importantly he said, “Thank you” and smiled and made me feel like I was more than J.A.C. (Just a customer). I left there feeling good about the experience I had.

Tuesday I went in for a few things. Employees acknowledged me, said hello asked if I needed help. I thought I was in a twilight movie. Do these things really happen? I saw the manager again as I was shopping, he even said hello. I was checked out by the assistant manager (Jon). Same experience as the day before.  Pleasant, kind, friendly, smiled, made chit chat. “WOW” is all I could say.

This is one place that has gone over and beyond of friendliest. Thank you, Thank you Vons Chino Hills for the over and beyond of customer service. I can actually say I felt this place was a place that made me feel they actually wanted my business.

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