Oh Starbucks I’m so disappointed in you again. Is it just that time of year? Or is it you just know customers will come and buy your coffee regardless of your customer service? I drove thru one of your drive thru’s today (15463 Fairfield Ranch Road Chino Hills, CA) and pretty much received the same treatment I did when I visited the Diamond Bar location.

I ordered my coffee and drove up to the drive thru window. It was like déjà vu, I sat there, and did they even know I was there? Hmm, I thought you can’t even acknowledge someone has pulled up to the window?

Finally, Yay, someone comes to the window. They repeated my order back to me. Umm, no sorry that’s not what I ordered. Ok don’t get all annoyed because you have to remake the drink.  Once again, no friendliness in the air. Here let me pay for my almost 5.00 drink and pretend I don’t care how I’m being treated.

The remake of my drink is finally finished (by the way which was good – thank you for that). I was handed my drink with the words, “here you go” I took the drink and was hoping to hear a Thank You because these days I’m refusing to say Thank you to something I just bought. I was wishing so hard, say thank you, just say thank, nope I got “Have a good day.” Why oh why are those words so hard??

Starbucks I sure hope these are fluke moments, but if others are receiving this kind of customer service all I can say is why, there’s no reason for it or it just the season?

I love Starbucks and I want to continue getting my coffee from there, but I’m really reluctant. It’s really not that hard to smile and say Thank you, or at least be non-robotic.   Maybe it’s just because I am J.A.C.  (just a customer) or has Starbucks stop caring about their customers?

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  1. whit says:

    That Starbucks has always been crappy. ..never used to make my drinks right. ..go to the one on Chino Ave..everyone there is always nice and never had a messed up drink!

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