Cheesecake Factory and Macy’s

Tis the season:



You can tell it’s already holiday time. If you can’t, take a step outside and visit the mall or restaurants and you will most likely find it crowded as if it were Christmas Eve.



I had a few errands to run today so off to the mall I went. Before getting there my daughter and I headed over to the cheesecake factory for lunch. The place was busy, but big kudos to them. Since there was only two of us we were seated within minutes. Thank goodness there wasn’t three of us, the wait would jump up to 40 minutes.

Our waiter was what a waiter should be. He was pleasant, and attentive. Our glasses never were empty or did we have to ask for more. Our food came out at a reasonable amount time and he checked on us periodically making sure our dining experience was good. (I’m bad, I can’t remember his name)

We decided to skip dessert and come back for it later.

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We walked over to the mall for a return. The place was packed, parking lot was full. Returning something back to Macy’s was easy and no problems. Though this was a place where I felt like J.A.C. (just a customer). There was nothing special about the visit, it was just a transaction. The store being busy, I felt I was rushed through and the cashier seemed rushed to move onto something else. I guess this is welcome to the beginning of the holiday season?


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We headed back to the cheesecake Factory for a piece of Cheesecake to go. This is where I kept thinking the guy who took our order really needs to read and practice The 10 commandments of customer service.

He said, “Can I help you.” As I got the first word out, he answered the phone. He didn’t excuse himself, or say hold on, he just took an order as we stood there. Finally he said, “Sorry about that, what did you want?”  As I spoke again (I think I got two words out this time), he got side tracked and turned and spoke to another co-worker. Ok we will try this again and I will try to talk fast. We finally ordered, it felt like a small victory to get our order ordered.

We waited a bit and finally our order was given to us. The girl handing us our order, was very pleasant and said thank you. I wish she would have taken our order it would have made the whole transaction so much better and less time wasted.

Regardless the season, the busyness, the craziness, there’s no excuse to not treat J.A.C. with undivided attention. If you happen to attend to something else, please remember to excuse yourself and/or least let the customer know what you are doing.

If you think about it sometimes it just comes down to common sense


The problem isn’t a lack of common sense. The problem is common sense isn’t common practice!


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  1. whit says: are too kind..I would have been snarky with him after he said “can I help You?” Um ya you work here right!!! Smh

    Catching up on my reading ;-) love these!!

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