It’s all about the Thank You

One of my biggest pet peeves is when others can’t say thank you. Thank you are two little simple words, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Is it that hard? Someone hands me something, I say thank you. Usually the response is you’re welcome. So I know people know those words.

thank you

It seems so foreign these days to hear those words. THANK YOU! Such a simple gesture but yet some just can’t seem to say it. Why is that?

I shop or I go out to eat. I pay for the experience and more often than not I’m the one saying thank you. Thank you for allowing me to spend my money on your service. Let me say thank you for giving you a job by patronizing this place. Let me say thank you for taking my money. Thank you for letting me shop here. Do you get the picture?

Say thank you to me. J.A.C. (just a customer) for shopping/eating at this place. Say thank you that I bought something. Say thank you because if it wasn’t for us customers you wouldn’t have a job.

Next time someone says thank you, reply back and say, “No, thank you.”  You will make a bigger impression. Don’t reply back by saying, “My pleasure.” (I’m so glad it was your pleasure that I just bought something from you) I would rather hear “you’re welcome” than those words.

If you think about it, those words are insulting. EX: I buy something from you, I pay money for it. You hand it to me. I say Thank you, you reply, “my pleasure.” WHAT! It was your pleasure to take my money, Hmmm….

Just say thank you, being a J.A.C we would really appreciate it.

Now, don’t get me started on the word please. That’s a whole another issue.


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2 comments on “It’s all about the Thank You
  1. whit says:

    In my experience the reply “my pleasure” is meant to mean it was a pleasure assisting you.. no ? But I would elaborate on my response to your thank you was my pleasure. .have a great day! ??

    • J.A.C. says:

      Yes I understand that “my pleasure” is assisting me, if they refilled a drink or brought me something I asked for. But I don’t feel in every transaction it works and is appropriate.

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