Stater Bros.

Stater Bros. Chino Hills

Wow, what a way to end my day. Thank you so much for the kindness and the awesome employee’s I encountered during my shopping trip.

It started when I was in the parking. Francisco was out collecting carts. We shared a few words, he’s extremely nice and kind. It actually put me in a great mood and though the store was filled with customers it didn’t bother me at that moment.


While checking out Mathew was the cashier, he was great. Such a friendly guy. He generally seemed that he was enjoying his job. Along with Thomas who bagged the groceries.

What an awesome experience of just going to the store. What a smile can do and a few kind words.

Thank you Stater Bros. these guys are priceless. Now this is what I call being J.A.C.’d  in a good way.

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2 comments on “Stater Bros.
  1. whit says:

    It makes all the difference when customer service personnel dont act like they hate their life around customers lol

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