Starbucks Diamond Bar

It’s a beautiful morning. Though my schedule didn’t go as planned, things all still worked out.

I was driving by a Starbucks while running yet another errand this morning. Normally I haven’t been stopping for coffee, paying almost 5.00 for a coffee isn’t in my budget.  Though having the morning I was having, I thought to myself, “You deserve this, why not. The coffee is good and a friendly face will smile and at least say hi and brighten my day.” Paying almost the 5.00 for coffee I don’t care for, but it’s also the atmosphere of friendly people I’ve encountered at Starbucks that keeps me coming back.

I went through the drive thru and ordered. I get to the window and just sat there. No response, or acknowledgement  that I’m at the window (not even a look in my direction).  It wasn’t like they were busy.( I seem to accept that more these days, since it happens more often than not. )

The barista opens the window finally and says “4.75”. Ok, I thought, no Hi, hello, good morning or smile! Nope just “4.75”. I paid it, he handed my change back to me with the receipt without a word. He turns and gets my coffee and says “here you go, have a good day” (very robotic).   I replied back, “Thank you” Driving away thinking, “I should of went somewhere else for my coffee this morning and Eric (the name was on his apron) you just got JAC’d.

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