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I had a return, I stood in a huge line. Finally got up the register they couldn’t find my transaction in their computer. I’ve never had a problem before). They wanted to give me 35.00 less than had paid. I asked for corporates number. They didn’t have it. I asked for a manager, they called the manager twice to come to the front. He/she never showed up. I left, went home called the credit card company. They gave me all the information I needed to return to the store and stated the store should have called them. So back to the store went. I stood again in a huge line (Thinking I’m J.A.C.). Again, they had issues with my return. That’s when one cashier turned to the other cashier because she notice I was back and whispered to her all I could make out was “she’s back with some other words” I just smiled and said all I want back is what I paid for it. (Yes it took a lot from me not to say something else). Will I shop JC penny’s again – I’ll think twice about it.

Follow up: I was really upset over this incident and thought about it for a few days. I was looking at my return receipt when I noticed that it had a “feedback matters” at the bottom.   I decided why not and went ahead and gave them my feedback. The next day the manager contacted me and wanted to know exactly what happened. I explained the story to her and she was very pleasant and apologetic. I was impressed by the sincerity she expressed during our conversation. She even offered me a gift card for my inconvenience. Now that is what I call a great customer service experience.

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  1. Michelle C says:

    Sometimes it just depends on who you get. Corporate customer service is usually much better than in-store. They’re actually trained in customer service.

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