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Oh Starbucks I’m so disappointed in you again. Is it just that time of year? Or is it you just know customers will come and buy your coffee regardless of your customer service? I drove thru one of your drive

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Cheesecake Factory and Macy’s

Tis the season:   You can tell it’s already holiday time. If you can’t, take a step outside and visit the mall or restaurants and you will most likely find it crowded as if it were Christmas Eve.   I

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It’s all about the Thank You

One of my biggest pet peeves is when others can’t say thank you. Thank you are two little simple words, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Is it that hard? Someone hands me something, I say thank you. Usually the

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Stater Bros.

Stater Bros. Chino Hills Wow, what a way to end my day. Thank you so much for the kindness and the awesome employee’s I encountered during my shopping trip. It started when I was in the parking. Francisco was out

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Starbucks Diamond Bar

It’s a beautiful morning. Though my schedule didn’t go as planned, things all still worked out. I was driving by a Starbucks while running yet another errand this morning. Normally I haven’t been stopping for coffee, paying almost 5.00 for

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Bank of America I had an issue with something on my account, so I called Bank of America. Best customer Service I have received in a long time. I wish I could remember the guy’s name. He was awesome.

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Los Primos Mexican Food Restaurant

Los Primos Mexican Food: I love this place. I noticed they had Albondigas soup. Ok I’m not Hispanic and I don’t know the language. So when I ordered it must have sounded funny. The Cashier asked me again what kind of soup?  

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J.C. Penny’s

I had a return, I stood in a huge line. Finally got up the register they couldn’t find my transaction in their computer. I’ve never had a problem before). They wanted to give me 35.00 less than had paid. I

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